“During college, I opened up a lot of credit cards. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it and I got something new with each application – a baseball hat, a T-shirt, a football. So, when I didn’t have my paycheck, I put the purchase on one of my credit cards. I ended college with a degree and huge credit card debt. One day, I came across the Web site, which helped to show me the right way to use credit.”

-Chris Bertilini, Florida

“When I started with the program, my credit was pretty bad. My ex-wife had opened a lot of accounts in my name and then chose not to pay the bill. After working with the prgoram, my credit has been restored to my pre-divorce good credit standing.”

-Rodney Brown, California

“I just wanted to say thank you! My credit increased 100 points all thanks to you! When I saw my new credit score, I had all of my rates adjusted, including my auto and homeowner’s insurance. I am now able to afford the vacation of a lifetime because of all the interest I am saving with my lower rates.”

-Maria Avila, Texas

“I was skeptical when my friend told me about what your company did for her, but I decided to give it a chance. And I do not regret that decision. Your company helped me to remove a judgement and several collections from my credit report in a matter of months.”

-Sue Young, New Jersey

“After having our bankruptcy removed, we were able to purchase a home with a low, fixed interest rate, which saved us almost $1,000 per month.”

-Johnny and Sandra Moler

“Thank you! My wife and I were able to get out of our rental unit and into a house! With our past credit issues, we never would have thought it was possible. Your company helped us with the negative items on our credit report and taught us how to regain financial independence.”

-Steve and Kathy Merriman, California

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