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Good Credit is Essential!

In a time of financial uncertainty when there are constantly increasing numbers of reasons to have your Credit Report viewed, having a good Credit Score is more important than ever.  Not only does your credit score determine eligibility for integral loans, it can also be viewed while you’re buying new insurance, renting, applying for government benefits, or even as a part of the process of being hired for a new job.

Time is Critical: Bad Credit is Costing You Money

The cost of having a bad Credit Score can be over $200,000 throughout the course of your life.  With the denial of loans, higher interest rates and mortgage payments, and the increased cost of premiums on your insurance plans, the financial toll of poor credit adds up quickly.  This means that every day under a bad credit score is costing you money, making it integral that you repair your score as soon as possible.  Even big items like bankruptcy, liens, and foreclosures can be removed from your credit history.  Why hesitate and continue to pay more than you need to? Enroll in the program today!

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

Enrollment is as easy as contacting Darbe Nokes.  After enrolling, you will have your first dispute letters ready for you to sign and send out in as little as 5-7 business days after you have provided the necessary documentation.

See Results

We have a decade of experience with Credit Repair, and can get you timely results that WILL impact your Credit Score, satisfaction money back guaranteed!  After the dispute letters have been sent, you can begin to see an improvement in your Credit Score within the initial 45 days, though the complete process will probably take longer.

Call Darbe Nokes today at 877-717-0213 for a free credit consultation.

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