How Is My Credit Score Calculated?

Professional Credit Restoration Services

credit restoration service

Getting your credit restored is an important decision that will have a huge impact on your finances both now and in the years to come.  Getting an improved credit score can save you thousands of dollars on lower interest rates, insurance premiums, and mortgage payments.  And along with those lower rates comes added financial opportunity in the form of new loans and credit lines.  Considering how much is riding on your credit score, you want to make certain that you get the best results possible, and that’s why you need to hire professional credit restoration services.

You wouldn’t leave your broken car with an untrusted mechanic, so why would you entrust your financial well being with anyone but the best?  Darbe Nokes, The Credit Gal, and our team of credit specialists have been working to improve credit scores for years.  In the past decade, our company has helped remove nearly 700,000 erroneous negative items from clients’ credit reports.  We have the experience and expertise that comes from being a company that specializes in professional credit restoration services, and we want to partner with you to use those tools and maximize your credit potential.

Most credit reports contain information that is outdated or in error, but it’s not always easy to navigate your way through a credit report or to know which items can potentially be removed.  That’s why it pays to get professional help and have the experts examine your report for you.  Our team has the training and the history of success that guarantees the best results, they know exactly what they are looking for and how to help you remove those negative items.  A knowledgeable team can result in the removal of entries that are bringing your score down, such as late payments, liens, collections, foreclosures and bankruptcies.  Don’t allow inaccurate or outdated information ruin your credit any longer, it’s time to let the professionals help.

There are many companies out there who claim to offer professional credit restoration services, but they are often big on promises and small on actually delivering results.  With all the ineffectual services out there, you need to make sure you’re getting the real experts who can bring about change.  That’s why we’re proud of our testimonies and success stories that reveal a proven track record, not to mention an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Our program has helped countless clients improve their scores and establish practices that bring about lasting benefits with a credit building plan that will continue to help you for years to come.  With an established record and reputation, you can rest assured that your improved financial success is just one phone call away.

So why not get started right now with the proven professional credit restoration services on your side.  You can call this moment to get a free consultation and learn how close you are to a brighter financial future.  Don’t lose another dollar to unnecessary high rates or get turned down for another important loan, call Darbe Nokes and restore your score today!


4 Startling Credit Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

credit restoration service

1) Did you know that more than half of prospective employers will pull your credit score as part of the hiring process?  In a recent poll, 60% of employers said that they considered the credit scores of applicants as a factor in who they ended up hiring.  If you’re among the many Americans who have a score under 740, your employment opportunities could be seriously limited by poor credit.  But the good news is that it’s not too late to repair your credit score and be fully prepared for future opportunities.  We can equip you to have the best chances for the job of your dreams as well as provide the education to be able to save money every month on high interest rates and other credit-related expenses.  If you’re dissatisfied with your credit score, call Darbe Nokes, the Credit Gal.  Worried about the effect your credit score is going to have on your next interview?  Let’s talk!

2) Did you know that in some states, a low credit score can have you paying thousands of extra dollars in car or health insurance premiums? According to recent studies, a low credit score could be responsible for as much as a 143% increase on the cost of your car insurance. If your score is not where it should be, you may be paying twice the amount you need to for good coverage, or even more!  If you’re paying too much for insurance, we can give you the solution you need to bring those premiums down and start saving today.  Are your premiums too high because of a poor credit score? Let’s talk!

3) Did you know that your credit score could be standing in the way of purchasing or even renting a new home or car? Every year, thousands are turned down for home or car loans based on their poor credit scores. Even qualifying for an FHA loan is difficult with a below-average score.  And for those who are able to secure a loan, many are being forced into foreclosure or short-sales because they can’t afford the costly mortgage payments. These are serious events that will even further damage your credit score and keep you from future success. We have the solution you need to not only help land the home or car you want, but to also help keep those payments down to a reasonable level.  Have poor credit but need a loan?  The Credit Gal can help, let’s talk!

4) Did you know that a low credit score can even affect your chances of getting a student loan or grant for your child’s college expenses?There’s nothing more important than your child’s success, and finances can be a huge obstacle in keeping them from the educational experience they deserve. The cost of college is at an all-time high and rising every year, and you need all the help you can get to secure your child’s future. If you’re worried that your low credit might limit the financial aid you and your child can qualify for, the Credit Gal can help.  Let’s talk!


Win A Spot In The Credit Gal’s Credit Restoration Program!

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Darbe Nokes, the Credit Gal, is giving away a free spot in her Credit Restoration program to one lucky winner (a $499 value.) Having a good credit score is more important than ever, with more and more of your financial success depending on it! Even if you have great credit and don’t need credit restoration but have a loved one/friend who has less than perfect credit you can still enter the contest and win it for them.


Why Credit Restoration is Essential:

  • Bad Credit Is Costing You Thousands Of Dollars! – If you have bad credit, it can cost you $200,000 or more over your lifetime!  Even if your credit is “okay,” higher insurance premiums and interest rates are an unnecessary drain on your wallet.
  • More Than Half Of Recently Asked Employers Used Credit History As A Hiring Factor – Is a low credit score keeping you from getting that high-paying new job?  Make an impression with your new score on your next interview!
  • Get The Home Or Car Of Your Dreams – A higher credit score means better loans and better interest rates; don’t let the past get in the way of your better future!

You don’t need to suffer from a bad credit score any longer!  Darbe Nokes has a proven, 10-year track record with credit education and restoration.  Her company has helped thousands of clients improve their credit scores and find new financial freedom through her satisfaction-back guaranteed program, and now she wants to give you the opportunity to win a chance to enroll in her Credit Restoration program for free!

You could be saving up to $1,000 per month on your 30-year mortgage loan, or finding that new insurance plan at half the premium.  You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain; save thousands of dollars in the years to come, let us help you restore your credit and get more money in your pocket today!

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How To Qualify For A Mortgage With Bad Credit

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How Can I Qualify For A Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Having a low credit score significantly reduces your chances of securing a home loan, which can be even more damaging during these financially unstable times.  But the good news is that having a low credit score or spotty payment history does not automatically preclude you from receiving a loan.  If you have a low credit score, and you’re trying to get a home loan, there are a few ways for you to improve your chances.

Compensating Factors

Two ways to make yourself look better to lenders is to have a steady income and to accumulate some savings.  This makes you look more financially responsible and may increase the odds that a potential lender will overlook past mistakes in your credit history.  The longer you have maintained a steady income from the same source, the better it looks to lenders.  Also, if you are likely to experience an increase in income within the near future (if you are eligible for a pay raise, for example), make sure to share this information with the lender.  Having substantial savings, prolonged steady income, or the likelihood of increased income are known as “compensating factors” because they compensate for having a low credit score, and they can make a definite improvement in your odds of securing a home loan.

FHA Loan: A Good Down Payment Goes A Long Way

fhaFor people with a low credit score, an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage loan is your best bet, and having a larger down payment is one of the best ways to increase your chances of securing this type of loan.  According to HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development), you can qualify for an FHA mortgage loan with as low as a 3.5% down payment.  However, this percentage only applies to those with a credit score of over 580, and the Wall Street Journal reports that a down payment of at least 10% is necessary on a credit score below 580, and even then it’s uncertain you will qualify.  A higher down payment shows to lenders that you are invested in your home and are therefore less likely to default on payments and lose your investment.  The basic conclusion is that the higher your down payment, the more likely you are to qualify under the different brackets.

Repair Your Credit, Increase Your Score

qualify for mortgage with bad creditAs you can see, even a difference of 80 points on your credit score can make a large impact on qualifying for a mortgage loan, especially if you can’t afford a big down payment.  The best way to improve your standing in the different brackets is to maximize your credit score through a respected credit restoration program. The majority of credit reports contain errors or inaccuracies that can bring your score down, and partnering with experienced credit experts to find and contest those errors with the credit bureaus can help you repair your score and increase your chances of landing a new mortgage loan.  Why spend unnecessary thousands of dollars on a bigger down payment and higher interest rates when you can improve your credit score at a fraction of the cost?  A higher credit score will improve your life in many other ways as well, allowing you to upgrade to a better car, qualify for new lines of credit, get better insurance premiums, and possibly even help you land a new job.  Qualify for the loan you need to get into the house you’ve always wanted by restoring your credit today!

Have questions about qualifying for a mortgage with bad credit? Call Darbe Nokes today for a free credit consultation and weigh your options –
877-717-0213 or email her at

Why You Need A Credit Restoration Service

Why You Need a credit restoration service

Bad Credit, Or even “Okay” Credit is Costing You Money Every Year!

If you have a mortgage, car payment, loan payment, or are applying for insurance, government benefits, or even a new job, having a poor credit score is having a negative impact on your finances right now.  Applying for a loan isn’t the only time when poor credit can restrict your financial freedom.  Over the course of a lifetime, the extra expenses associated with having a low credit score can cost you anywhere from $200,000 up to a Million dollars!

Do you know your Credit Score?

Many Americans don’t even know their Credit Score, meaning that you could be putting yourself at tremendous financial risk without even knowing the options that are available to start improving your score today.  The majority of credit reports have errors or inaccuracies which can lower your score and cost you money.  So even if you’re not one of the 43 Million individuals with a score of 599 or below, your score is most likely lower than it could be, and that’s costing you extra money on everything from interest rates to insurance premiums.  In fact, a recent study found that a low credit score can increase the cost of your car insurance by as much as 143%!

What YOU Can Do

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the opportunity to fix those costly errors and get your credit repaired.  You don’t have to sit back and allow an outdated credit report dictate your financial security.  Credit laws are complicated and confusing, and the credit companies won’t act without all the proper, legal processes being observed–but you don’t have to do it alone.

 We Have 10 Years of Experience With Credit Restoration Service

We have been in the business for a decade now, and also have an A rating with the Better Business Bureaus. We have the expertise and the experience to make sure you reach your optimal credit score. Our services include the education that you need to increase your credit score. After signing up let our program fight for you! You will receive a detailed analysis of your credit report so that you can better understand your credit score, and what it’s based on, as well as learning how to help manage your credit in the future.

Stop Paying More Than You Have To–Call Right Now For More Info: 877 717-0213